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Aviatik D1 | Foam RC Airplane Construction


Aviatik D1 RC airplane construction

A few years back I wanted to build a WWI biplane and I also wanted something that was not very common. So, based on the difficulty and wanting to experience with real lines that are used to bind the two wings together, I decided to start with the Aviatik D1. The fuselage is easy to build, having a square section and, the wings did no pose any challenge, being of a normal profile. The airplane "nose" I made it from vacuumed ABS and 2/3 of it is removable to allow access to the battery.

After I build it and test flown I decided to make a kit and sell it.However, despite the fact that the whole kit was just $10 plus shipping, and the demand was there, I decided to stop the sales after 50 pcs. Currently, I have one assembled model and I intend to redo the tooling with a 3D printer. The construction videos were intended to walk you throw the process...

Watch all the videos and you will be able to understand how the construction is made.


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