Along the time I had the chance to learn about real airplanes back in college, but that did not end up with a career in the aeronautic industry. However, I'm using what I learned to build my own RC airplanes.

Prefered airplanes

Everything that flies (hobby RC that is) I like, but my preferred are WWII airplanes era. The airplanes multitude and variation is impressive and they make perfect park flyers.

A special place is occupied by WWI biplanes. Always I tried to build the most bizarre looking WWI airplanes. One of them is the Fokker EIII, the plane without any form of the aileron. The whole wing is changing shape so the airplane can roll. Look for it in my constructions to see how I solved the "problem"


Tools and Processes

Always I tried to use new tools. I am proficient with SolidWorks CAD program and I designed several parts and molds with it. I used my router and hot wire CNC, my vacuum form machine and lots of other tools to obtain the best results.

Next is a 3D printer. I have watched on youtube countless videos with and about 3D printers and always I was on the "fence" sort of speech, because I was not so sure about the strength and weight of any part that would be used in an RC airplane.

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